Generation One

Transformers Quotes

 Transformers: Generation One

Megatron: "You don't frighten me, you mechanical throwbacks!"
Grimlock: "Good, Megatron. We LOVE stupid enemies!"
Atlantis, Arise

"Keep San Francisco clean... leave!"
 -- Tracks
The Secret of Omega Supreme

"Nice shootin'... if you was aimin' for the SKY!"
 -- Rumble
"S.O.S. Dinobots"

Megatron: "Either you're lying, or you're stupid!"
Starscream: "I'm stupid! I'm stupid!"
Triple Takeover

"Why did Galvatron have you attack Cybertron all by yourself? Are you obedient or just stupid?"
 -- Rodimus Prime to Astrotrain
Ghost in the Machine

"I know this will be difficult for you, Bombshell, but THINK!"
 -- Megatron

Spike: "Great. What'll Daniel and I do when the air runs out?"
Rodimus Prime: "Basically you'll have two choices: suffocate, or smother."
Dark Awakening

Starscream: "Megatron is a wimp!"
Devastator: "So is Starscream!"
Triple Takeover

Rumble: "Megatron... it's - it's the Autobots!"
Megatron: "Impossible! They were doomed!"
Skywarp: "Don't worry. We'll make 'em regret undooming themselves!"
Countdown to Extinction

Spike: "Well, meteorite or no, it's great not having to worry about the Decepticons for a change."
Optimus Prime: "I always worry about the Decepticons, Spike."
War of the Dinobots

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