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Here are a few of pics sent in from fellow Tranformers Fan, named George. He says he found the poster going throw his parents basement storage and they were in mint condition. The poster was inside a video game box purchased around Christmas '84. It is also pretty rare and very hard to find, especially in good contition.

"It is first ever made original f.h.e./Hasbro Bradley, Inc./Sunbow Productions, Inc. poster, copyright 1984, the size of the poster is 2 by 3 feet. It is in near mint to mint condition and originally folded, no tears, pin holes, or tape. It was never displayed, no yellowing. It has been in the dark for a little over 25 yrs. A collector mentions there is only one known, and the poster wasn't commercially released to the public, and was a promotional poster for the 3 part cartoon mini series/pilot Beta/VHS tapes. The bottom of the poster in small print reads:

Family Home Entertainment/A Division of International Video Entertainment, Inc. The Transformers(small R in circle) is a registered trademark of Hasbro Bradley, Inc. (small C in circle)Copyright 1984 Sunbow Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved (small C in circle)Copyright 1984 Hasbro Bradley, Inc. All Rights Reserved"

Great find George and THANKS for sending it and sharing with the rest of us.
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