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The Transformers G1 Cast

Character Voice Actor
Autobot A- 3 Tony Pope
Autobot Aaron Linda Gary
Decepticon Abominus Jim Gosa
Autobot Afterburner Jim CUmmings
Autobot Alpha Trion John Stephson
Autobot Aimless Milt Jamin
Autobot Air Raid Rob Paulsen
Decepticon Ali S. Mark Jordan
N/A Dr. Alkazar John Stephson
Autobot Arcee Susan Blu
Decepticon Astrotrain Jack Angel
Autobot Blaster --
Autobot Bumblebee --
Autobot Bluestreak --
Autobot Brawn Corey Burton
Autobot Blurr --
Autobot Bumblebee Dan Gilvezan
Autobot Cliffjumper Casey Kasem
Decepticon Cyclonus --
Decepticon Dirge --
Decepticon Dr. Archville Casey Kasem
Decepticon Eject --
Decepticon Frenzy Frank Welker
Decepticon Galvatron Frank Welker
Autobot Gears Don Messick
Autobot Goldbug --
Autobot Hound Ken Sansom
Autobot Hoist --
Autobot Hot Rod --
Autobot Huffer John Stephsenson
Autobot Ironhide Peter Cullen
Autobot Jazz Scatman Crothers
Decepticon Kickback Clive Revill
Decepticon Laserbeak Frank Welker
Decepticon Long Haul --
Decepticon Megatron Frank Welker
Autobot Mirage Frank Welker
Autobot Nosecone Kevin Richardson
Autobot Omege Supreme --
Autobot Optimus Prime Peter CUllen
Autobot Outback Dan Gilvezan
Decepticon Pounce --
Autobot Prowl Michael Bell
Autobot Rachet Don Messick
Decepticon Ramjet Jack Angel
Decepticon Rewind --
Autobot Rodimus Prime --
Decepticon Ravage --
Decepticon Rumble --
Decepticon Scrapper --
Decepticon Shockwave Corey Burtom
Autobot Sideswipe Michael Bell
Autobot Skyfire Gregg Berger
Autobot Sky Lynx Aron Kincaid
Autobot Skywarp Frank Welker
Autobot Slag --
Autobot Smokescreen Jack Angel
Autobot Snarl --
Autobot Soundwave Frank Welker
Autobot Spike Corey Burton
Decepticon Starscream --
Autobot Sunstreak Corey Burton
Autobot Tracks --
Decepticon Thundercracker --
Autobot Trailbreaker Frank Welker
Autobot Ultra Magnus Jack Angel
Autobot Warpath Alan Oppenheimer
Autobot Wheeljack Chris Latta
Autobot Windcharger John Stephenson
Decepticon Wingspan --
Decepticon Zarak --

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